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Automatic Vertical Packaging Machines

Mod. MF-50 universal packaging machine for small formats
Mod. MF-52 with cup dosing machine
Mod. MF-52 with multi-head weighing device
Mod. MF-52/C with automatic Carousel
Mod. MF-52/Stainless steel for powdered products
Mod. MF-54 high performance solution for packaging medium size bags
Mod. MF-58 for big bags and loose products
Mod. MF-VACUUM for vacuum-packed bags
Accurate and Fast movements for absolutely perfect packaging!

Confezionatrici Verticali If you think everything has already been said about Vertical Packaging Machines, this is not the case at MF TECNO.
For us, these machines represent the synthesis of technology that still offers margins for development in terms of flexibility, innovation and reliability.
MF TECNO automatic vertical packaging machines for medium to large production, from small to bigger formats, were designed to meet the wide range of market needs, being able to work with any type of sealable film, with any type of product (even the most powdered) and supplied with many accessories.
Our "Research and Development" department has used technical solutions, typical of the most complex and advanced machinery, applying them to simple and traditionally economical machinery such as the vertical packaging machine.
The result is a technologically advanced, flexible, reliable product but with a very high quality: price ratio.
The use of top-quality components, the preference given to mechanical movements, the use of brushless motors controlled by specific drives and the attention given to management electronics, makes these machines safe and reliable, with no fear of comparison with any other packaging machine present on the market.
Accurate film unreeling, the accuracy of sealing and movement progression are the main qualities of our packaging machines.